“Cosmetic Fitness”

I know guys who look great at 40 even with sporting fine lines, they still look youthful and younger than their years.
For some of us though the tendency to frown a lot leaves us a little older looking than we would actually like to be.
It’s one thing to get glasses and look wiser,
it’s another to get deep lines and look older.

Age is not an enemy, it’s a natural part of the progression of life and happens to everyone.
How we age however is a personal choice.
We can choose to protect our skin from the sun, delete the creeping grey from our hair and we can stay fit, or not.
Personally I am choosing the former, I don’t want to look like my dad did at 45, I want to look like the dude on the camel in “Sex in the City #2!”
As I have aged, I have kept a fairy simple but adequate moisturising routine. A defence against the harshness of the African sun and the sever air-conditioned environment that I spend most of my working life inn.
Still I have developed deeper and more distinctive frown lines in my 30’s that I am also very sure is a little hereditary as most of the older generation of men in my family have sported them from their mid 30’s.
It is very unlikely that any moisturiser or facial peel will eliminate any of these lines, I don’t care if it’s made from the sperm of a lama thats been mixed with supernatural seaweed only found on the beaches of an Island no one has discovered except for the cosmetic company that makes it.

It seems that there are very limited choices as to non-surgical solutions to the problem.
Botox is one of them .
Would I do it ???
Yes I would .
I colour my hair (chemical) I take supplements (some chemicals) I eat chicken (probably more chemicals than Botox)

I think that is we work hard at getting our self in shape and we have crossed the line where moisturisers and slug slime help to eliminate creases under the eyes and wrinkles and lines, it’s great to have a choice to another alternative.

Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) is a 10 min procedure that should leave you with a
smoother, younger looking skin. It should last anything from between 3 – 6 months and is less expensive than invasive plastic surgery,
and I would have to guess therefore less traumatic.

I cannot yet write a personal review in the regards of Botox, but have decided to use it as a “personal prize” to myself when I reach a certain weight within the next couple of months.

The research that I have done shows that it very rarely has any major side effects.
It is not harmful to the eyes and is often used to treat twitching eyelids.

I will however follow the following advice !!!
See an experienced Botox practitioner or reputable plastic surgeon only that specialises in Botox.
(don’t compromise on this man, you don’t want to look like you land outside as a lost member of some intergalactic race)
Be honest with your health care practitioner regarding any illness that you suffer from to any medications that your on !! (it’s not malpractice if they never knew!!)
Follow post and pre injection instructions very carefully and make sure you have received these instructions !
Report side effects immediately – a limpy eye is as sad as a limpy …
DON’T EVER JOIN A BOTOX PARTY – happens at a party at someones house  …( theres a reason why people pay thousands to study for years to be able to do these kind of things!! )
It would be awesome to get any comments on this, and hear from people who have actually had Botox!
Convinced or not ???
Remember it’s your body, it’s your choice, never let anyone ever talk you into stuff like this , be 100% sure for yourself !