About the Endomorph

The Endomorph is a creature that can be described as:
one that’s metabolism functions at the supers-speed of a dead slug,

I am an Endomorph.
If you eat a doughnut next to me the weight will naturally be diffused to my body.
If I eat a doughnut, the fat will automatically be stored in a compound impenetrable to most forms
of simple cardio vascular exercise and diet.
If the Endomorph were to receive status for gaining weight,
most of us would be hailed extraordinary and receive a superhero’s acclaim.

Endomorphs are the square post modernist buildings in the physical
cities of the world, surrounded by tall, shiny athletic high-rises.
If we are not constructed with an incredibly dedicated architectural hand,
we can easily appear dull and unattractive.

However after intensive research,
I have discovered that the Endomorph houses a remarkable foundation,
that is capable of carrying vast amounts of strength and robust arches, a pantheon of magnificence ,
that can be reconstructed to appear as Spartan-like temples.

This is my journey of reconstruction,
because the biggest problem with re-constructing anything is that you have to break it down first,
change it in almost every single aspect of it’s original design,
weed out the flaws and bad habits,
and be incredibly disciplined so that the same mistakes will not be made again.

Therefore this  is also a journey of hope.
This is also just a first step.


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