“Special moment – cheating”

IMG_1813 copy

from the Endomorph :

I had an incredibly sensible week of eating until two day’s ago.
It was my Birthday, and my morning started off with cup cakes and coffee in bed, served not fetched !

(*note that this blog will contain intricate details regarding the chemistry of eating in regards to the needs of the Endomorph,
something I do not know too much about, but going to try to learn anyway)

So when your day starts off with a frosted, delicately made, bite sized cake, you think you might as well have the other two just sitting there, after all it’s your “special day”!!
This is my absolute favourite excuses for cheating (“myself”) in the world right into outer space diet disaster !!
I am a great fan of special moments, I can find a special moment in armageddon if you give me the chance.
I can make an excuse for “special moment cheating” whether it is my birthday, your birthday, the dogs birthday, the Golden Globes , or a full moon.
My “Special Moment Cheating” might stem from a hundred deeply routed causes, but if I have to be honest, it’s a form of justification.
Justification is the lullaby of bad habits, eating, drinking, smoking, turning into a bat etc.
Sadly my expertise in this area (I should have been a lawyer) has had me justify falling off the diet rain, for two days now.
Since it was my birthday on a Thursday and I could mainly see my family, I had to have cake, lunch and dinner and cake with them, and since my actual party was on friday, because this is easier for friends, I justified pretty much another day of the same, except I replaced cake with ice-cream and booze.

The thing about “special moments” is that they are just that moments, fleeting instances of time, that the mind is sooner to forget, but the body tends to remember for a lot longer.
The thing about discipline is, that there is very little place for justification. The only justification in regards to discipline, is to be disciplined, whether it’s your birthday, your anniversary or even if you managed to take over the world with the help of mice dressed in drag.
You are either a disciplined person, or you are not.
After reading all this guess which category I belong to ?? (duh)

I am hoping (this is a blog about hope after all) that discipline is something that I can learn.
I am going to see whether I can start differentiating between actual “special moment” ,( the life time ones), and the one’s I
have been “easter egg” for.

The thing about falling off the diet train is that it is pretty much an open ticket and you can board quite quickly again, in the hope that you will reach a “Grand Central Station” of perfect diet management.
And trust me when I say this is no first class ride, it’s a rough ride, with sharp turns and bumpy moments.
I guess I just need to find something to grab onto !!

Watch me unwrap a power bar !


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